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Jose Carlos Marcos Jiménez

Jose Carlos Marcos Jiménez

Surety Unit Manager caución@march-rs.es

The guarantee of an international broker

Until a few months ago the world economy was steadily growing which included large-scale investments in infrastructures, building work and projects all over the world that created two types of needs for contractors: the performance guarantees, advance payment or warranty associated with the ongoing project, and coverage of the political risk in the country where the project is being implemented.

Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has generally slowed down the pipeline of projects and has caused collateral damage in companies’ operating results.

The Surety and Political Risk Area at MARCH R.S. specialises in contract analysis, coverage negotiation, transfer and management of incidents resulting from our clients’ projects.

We manage projects on the five continents:

  • Special projects.
  • We manage projects on the five continents.
  • Guarantees on first demand.
  • Unconditional, autonomous or abstract guarantees for advances or down payment not only regarding the Public authorities but also among private parties subject to the International Court or local legislation.
  • Sale and lease back.

The team has professional experience to provide advice and offer ad-hoc solutions as well as the support of our international network: March R.S. International Alliance.

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