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Leisure and tourism

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Asis Fominaya

Asís Fominaya

Leisure and Tourism Unit Manager ocioyturismo@march-rs.es

The benchmark broker in the leisure and tourism sector

Accommodation, travel agencies, airlines and other passenger transport services, as well as the hospitality industry and other leisure sectors, form part of a conglomerate that moves more than 2.7 billion dollars a year and employs more than 119 million people.

Leisure and Tourism is the sector that makes the largest contribution to national GDP and is one of the most important on a worldwide level, as well as being one of the sectors that creates the most jobs each year. However it is also perhaps the sector that is most vulnerable to the global changes that we face; digitalisation, climate change, health, the political situation or the change in consumer behaviour, are just some of the emerging risks that the tourism sector has been facing for years.

Faced with one of the sectors that is most vulnerable to global changes, it is vital to search for solutions and anticipate risks.

However it is precisely this special vulnerability to changes that result in new risks, that are increasingly greater and more varied, that has led it to develop an unusual capacity to constantly reinvent itself and anticipate risks in the search for solutions. How to face these risks and the capacity to adapt and show resilience in the short/medium term, are undoubtedly going to be key elements in weathering this storm.

At March R.S. we have been assisting our clients in the Tourism and Leisure sector for over 40 years, trying to anticipate their needs and providing them with the peace of mind that they need when tackling their projects anywhere in the world. We have more than 300 insured hotels, distributed in more than 20 hotel chains in Spain, and more than 40 hotels spread over 8 hotel chains abroad, who we serve through a large international network with an agile and flexible approach, where the client’s needs take precedence over other factors, which allows us to offer the best possible service anywhere in the world.

We have a team of experts with extensive experience in the sector, who are pioneers in providing alternative products, and participate in each one of the stages in the insurance programmes for our clients in both Spain and abroad.

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