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Industry and services

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Arama Martínez

Industry & Services Unit Managerindustriayservicios@march-rs.es

Industrial sector and services specialists

The international transformation of the industrial sector and services is creating new needs for coverage, adapted to meet the new challenges that companies currently face.

At the end of 2019, the insurance market began to tighten up, with a reduction in capacities and an increase in premiums and deductibles; together with this the covid-19 crisis and the uncertain situation have reinforced this trend.

As the first 100% Spanish capital brokerage firm, at March R.S. we identify with national businesses and we accompany them in their expansion and evolution to meet the new reality that they face.

We search for customised solutions in a global world.

With acknowledged extensive experience in national and international insurance programmes, at the Industry & Services unit of March R.S. we assist large corporations and companies in the industrial and services sectors and we help them to identify and manage the risks that can affect them that they face in their everyday activity, by trying to find solutions that meet clients’ needs helping them to protect their bottom line.

The culture at March R.S. is to promote a collaborative approach through which we develop long-term relationships; and this enables us to acquire comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ business and to design innovative solutions, adapted to meet the reality that they face.

We provide our clients with a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive professional experience in the insurance sector, acting as risk management advisors, as well as insurance brokers designing the right product in the right markets.

We work in a broad sector of activities: steelworks, food, education, manufacturing, real estate, professional services, etc.

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