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Financial risks

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José María Elguero

José María Elguero

Financial Risks Unit Manager riesgosfinancieros@march-rs.es

The blackbone of your company and manager

Insurance that covers financial risks (D&O, Cyber-risks, Professional liabilities, Employee infidelity, credit management and W&I insurance in M&A processes), form the backbone of the protection provided for your company and managers.

The current scenario, which is volatile and complex because of the global health crisis that we are going through, creates social, political, professional, and of course, economic uncertainties, in which administrators and managers must continually make decisions, sometimes very quickly. D&O insurance provides a response to the need for protection for directors and executives, to allow them to devote themselves to the social management and development of the company and not to continually defending themselves from risks and claims. At MARCH R.S. we design innovative solutions to cover civil liability risk for administrators and directors, not just with regard to their assets, but also to their personal security.

Spain has experienced a 24% increase in cyber-security incidents during 2020 compared to the previous year.

In this new scenario in a global framework, new risks emerge that affect the information systems and data with which a company operates on the market. Cyber-attacks, data theft, identity theft, fraud and ransomware, are genuine threats that cannot be ignored. In order to protect these assets, cyber-risk insurance offers solutions before and after cyber-attacks.

The professional liabilities resulting from carrying out legal, economic, information, health, technical or technological activities, are growing each year as a result of an increasing more extensive legal framework and a number of claims that are on the rise. Professional civil liability insurance, for both individuals and for legal entities like professional associations and groups, provide a tailor-made response to cover the compensation, costs and securities that may be demanded from professionals, but also provide other solutions.

And when companies sell to their clients on credit, they can avoid or reduce the risk of non-payment by means of credit insurance, which enables them to manage their business and their payments efficiently. The economic crisis complicates payments on occasions, leading to unwanted delays in payment.

However, the current crisis situation provides significant opportunities for investment and for the acquisition of companies and assets, purchase and sale processes that are not always risk-free or without contingencies that can be insured against through Warranty and Indemnity policies, custom-designed for each transaction and for each position (buyer or seller).

The financial risks team at March R.S. is made up of multidisciplinary professionals that specialise in providing protection solutions for companies and their managers, with experience in business, reinsurance, insurance and national and international brokerage through our international network, MARCH RS International Alliance. Personal and open dealings characterise our operations.

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