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Construction and energy

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Laura González Cortés

Laura González Cortés

Construction and Energy Unit Manager construccionyenergia@march-rs.es

Specialist consultants in construction and energy insurance 

In an ever-changing environment like the one that we face at the moment and an insurance market that is currently going through a process of adjustment in its conditions, a specialised team is essential.

The global scope of our clients means that we assist them throughout their entire development process, by preparing insurance solutions that are adapted to meet their needs wherever they are. The boom in renewable energies all over the world and the possible effects on the supply chain requires profound analysis that allows us to achieve effective, appropriate insurance solutions, which do not impact on cost forecasts.

Designing the insurance solution for each case must be carried out from this perspective, covering from the design to the operational phase, from the bidding specifications, purchase and investment, to the final settlement of the claim. We know how to adapt to meet any need, at any stage. We are aware of the problems associated with each investment process and we work for all kinds of participants in developing each type of assets (promoters, engineering firms, financiers, builders, suppliers, sub-contractors…).

Specialisation is the driving force behind our success.

As well as our relationships with our clients, we also have strong links with insurers, adjusters and lawyers to help to flexibilise the claims process so that we can consolidate our experience as a leading company in the market. It is no secret that the driving force behind our success is that we place our clients right at the heart of all that we do. This is the reason why we go to great lengths to acquire an exceptional level of experience, by understanding their business and offering our clients products and services that reflect their ever-changing risk management needs.

The Construction and Energy team at March R.S. is made up of specialists with acknowledged prestige in the sector along with the over 90 years in which this brokerage firm has managed risks for the most important Spanish construction and energy companies. Our team has extensive experience, not just as brokers in insurance companies, but also in building companies, which enables us to find out quickly and properly what our clients’ needs are and to anticipate them, in order to carry out our work as consultants.

30 m€
We handle more than 30 million euros in premiums each year.

4.000 MW
is the total number of MW in renewable energies managed by our team.

Our philosophy is not to be just mere insurance policy agents, but consultants for our clients, always going one step beyond their needs to properly protect each investment and each project. Specialisation and close attention with a highly motivated team are the fundamental cornerstones of superior service. All this backed up by our network and international partnerships through March R.S. International Alliance, which is unique in the sector.

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