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Gerardo Berjano

Gerardo Berjano Zavala

Maritime and Aviation Unit Manager aviacion@march-rs.es

Your partner in the aeronautical sector

The aeronautical sector is vital for global economic development, and provides a rapid worldwide transport network for people, which is essential for business and tourism. Connectivity promotes competitiveness, encourages investment and stimulates the economy and innovation.

The transport of goods by air facilitates global trade, provides access to international markets and enables the globalisation of production; in essence, it plays a vital role in economic growth. This means that this sector is particularly sensitive to economic and health crises.

We provide solutions in a sector that is especially sensitive but vital for global economic development.

Risk management is a cornerstone of any company in the aviation sector. Only a highly specialised broker can provide these services with a guarantee of success. Our team of experts provides each client with a tailor-made solution, as well as the right coverage to minimise the operational risk for their company. We work alongside the client to meet the challenges that they face, and optimise claims management and obtain tangible results.

Furthermore, thanks to March R.S. International Alliance, our international partners network, each one of whom is a leading company in their country, we assist and provide a service anywhere in the world through offices located in over 150 countries. At MARCH R.S. we have been designing and managing international programmes for more than 30 years, and have acquired sound experience in international business.

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