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Matilde Pariente

Matilde Pariente

Claims Manager siniestros@march-rs.es

Pro-active approach

Our pro-active approach is based on the following key activities:

The tightening-up of the insurance market is a reality and, in view of this situation, the management and settlement of claims has become a cornerstone of insurance.

At March R.S. we have a claims team made up of experienced professionals who focus on managing, negotiating and settling claims of any industry by always fighting for our clients’ interests.

Planning, mitigation and analysis are key to the proper settlement of a claim regardless of its size or type.

What do we offer?

  • A comprehensive claims processing and settlement service based on direct and continuous interaction with our clients.
  • Processing and protocol design for all types of claims regardless of their severity and frequency.
  • Creation and implementation of action plans in the event of a major claim completely adapted to each client’s activity and needs.
  • A team of highly qualified professionals with the sole aim of settling claims quickly and favourably for all parties, by defending the interests of our clients.

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