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Consultancy and advice

For those complex claims that can arise that seriously affect the normal development of the risk or activity to be insured, ASERPLAN has a team of professionals who specialise in preparing claims and in consultancy, with extensive expertise, that covers all areas of the services sector:






Leticia Becerra

ASERPLAN Manager consultoria@aserplan.es

As consultants, we take charge of preparing, managing and negotiating the settlement of the claim with the insurance company, with the priority being achieving the very best result in the shortest possible time.

We provide VALUE through our intervention and optimize the approach we take to claims, by anticipating any possible contingencies, and challenging inappropriate or unnecessary practices.

We offer comprehensive advice and take a strong position in dealing with the adjusters assigned by insurance companies in negotiating and settling a claim, to ensure the best possible agreement in the most complex situations depending on the client’s interests.

The services provided by ASERPLAN's consulting team, provided that the claim, due to its complexity, requires it, will cover the following areas:

  • Comprehensive advice in managing complex claims. We provide the most specialized technical level.
  • Design of a comprehensive strategy to submit the claim for material damages, loss of benefits and/or ALOP to the insurance company.
  • Analysis of the coverage provided by the policy, to establish any circumstance that might influence the determination of the compensation, as well as the resources needed to calculate the required loss models.
  • Cause analysis and investigation.
  • Preparing, cross-checking and verifying the claim.
  • Calculating and appraising the damage caused to the assets affected by the claim.
  • Forensic economic study on financial damages (consequential damages, loss of benefits or any other kind).
  • Coordinating adjusters taking part, engineering, repair and/or asset recovery companies.
  • Technical negotiations with adjusters taking part.
  • Acting, should this be required, as an Insurance Adjuster by appointment through Insurance Contract Law article 38.
  • Preparing expert’s reports for defence in legal processes on Spanish territory.

To handle any consultancy work that forms part of risk management, we always explain to our customers our approach to the service based on the concept of “protecting the balance and bottom line”. This approach emerges as the principle to be followed in carrying out each of the services that we provide, so that together with the client’s risk management team, we can improve the quality of risks.

We provide companies with a team made up of specialised technicians with a single aim: to understand their business and to develop customised solutions depending on their strategic needs.

As consultants in the Comprehensive Risk Management and Loss Prevention Engineering, we help organisations to obtain a complete overall view of the risks, taking into account the cultural context and their needs, by identifying and hierarchizing the main risks that they face so that they can take the corrective and control measures needed to support the company’s aims, through action and monitoring plans.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Designing cross-cutting Risk Maps or of a specific area analysing the strategic risks, the risks associated with the environment, financial risks and those that are intrinsic to the business, each one of them sub-divided into clearly defined categories / sub-categories.
  • Project study for the improvement of risks and placement on the insurance market.
  • Risk inspections.
  • Risk analysis and assessment: preparation of descriptive reports with recommendations.
  • Loss studies (EML, PML).
  • Risk quantification: Maximum Exposure Value and Aggregate Risk Level.
  • Business Continuity Plans.
  • Asset assessment.

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