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Social impact

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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) forms a cornerstone of business culture and a core strategy of companies.

At March R.S., Corporate Social Responsibility is considered to be a corporate strategic line. Its implementation puts into practice measures that have a dual positive impact that includes the 4 areas of CSR:


At March R.S. we are aware that they are the main asset of the brokerage firm. For this reason we carry out policies aimed at professionals based on three complementary:

Talent Programme, Mentoring or Internal Rotation

Numerous campaigns included in the Healthy Business goal

Employment Flexibility with the implementation of Equality and Work/Life Balance systems 

  • Talent: with action to attract, develop and retain the best professionals in the sector in consonance with the company's values.
  • Health: an income statement cannot be healthy if the employees are not healthy. That is why every year we roll out integrated campaigns for a Healthy Company.
  • Work/Life Balance: Enhancing tools to bring about Employment Flexibility and implementing the work/life balance guide; i.e. "with implementation of teleworking systems" must be removed from what appears currently.


The planet as the most important interest group that we must listen to.

In keeping with this objective, at March R.S. we carry out time-stable eco-sustainability campaigns.

Transversal action for all areas of the company: Zero Paper policy (thanks to the digital transformation, we are the first 100% cloud insurance broker), which has reduced the paper print in our business, Zero Plastic Policy, reduction of carbon footprint in supplies, and recycling campaigns.


We place the capacities of the company at the service of the common good in order to contribute to the social impact of the company by launching various initiatives that directly benefit our surroundings.

Since 2019 March R.S. has been working alongside the Seres Foundation, which encourages a responsible social impact at businesses. With it we have worked with many groups in terms of demography, diversity and investment, as part of the global framework to address the challenges presented by the Sustainable Development Goals.

We work with other organisations on proposals for a responsible impact on society (Cáritas, the Spanish Cancer Association AECC, the AAQUA Association, the Randstad Foundation, the "Freno al Ictus" stroke Foundation etc.). We subscribe to the United Nations Global Compact Spanish Network, to move forward on Agenda 2030 SDGs.

Corporate governance

The following form part of this course of action at March R.S.:

  • The corporate culture campaign and the dissemination of the Ethical Code of Conduct among employees and clients.
  • March R.S. complies with the General Law on Disability through its annual donation to the RANDSTAD FOUNDATION.
  • March R.S. complies with Royal Decrees 901 and 902/2020 on Equality Plans.

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