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MARCH R.S. International Alliance

1st international network entirely run from Spain

The internationalisation of companies is commonplace and this leads to the need to design, implement and manage insurance programmes adapted to meet this reality.

Thierry Planet

Director international@march-rs-ia.com

March R.S International Alliance is the international network specifically created by March R.S. to meet our clients’ international needs. Consisting of a highly qualified, multilingual team, it provides support for all the offices and lines of business at March R.S., keeps in permanent contact with our network’s partners and intervenes in each and every one of the stages of an international programme, from its design to its implementation and coordination.

We are different

We combine all the advantages that an international network must have without its limitations.

We have an extensive network of partners, present in 170 countries, each one of whom is a leading company in their country, sharing all our values: independence, specialisation, integrity and customer-centric. These are values that we share in turn with Arthur J Gallagher, who has entrusted us to represent their firm in Spain. We are bound by strong personal ties, but also by certain strict, contractually established commitments.

We are independent

We search for and provide the best possible service for our clients by choosing the very best partners in accordance with their needs. Our network is dynamic; clients may take part in choosing the partner that best matches their business, and any change is possible if the service proves to be unsatisfactory.

We are Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing international programmes, which has enabled us to acquire during these years all the knowledge that we need to provide a high level of international advisory services.

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