Like most sites on the internet, this website uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user experience


Below you will find detailed information on what Cookies, are, the type of Cookies that this website uses, how they can be disabled on your browser and how the installation of third-party Cookies can be specifically blocked.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are files that websites or apps install on the browser or the device (smartphone, tablet or connected TV) of users as they visit the pages of the site or the app and are used to store information on their visit. As with most internet sites, this website uses Cookies to:


·          Make sure the web pages work properly.

·          Save preferences, such as the language selected or the font size.

·          Learn of the user’s browsing experience.

·          Collect anonymous statistical information, such as the sites users have visited or how long they have remained on the website.


The use of Cookies allows for browsing to be optimized, adapting the information and services offered to suit user interests to provide a better experience whenever the website is visited.

This website uses Cookies to operate, adapt and make user browsing as easy as possible.

2. Type, purpose and function

Depending on their permanence, Cookies, can be divided into session cookies o permanent cookies. The former expire when users close the browser. The latter expire when their goal is met (for example, so that users remain identified on the website) or when they are deleted manually.

In addition, depending on their goal, Cookies can be classified as follows:

·          Technical: These are essential for the page to work properly. They are normally generated when users access or log into the website and are used to identify them on the website for the following purposes:

·           To keep users identified so that, if they leave the website, the browser or the device, and then return to said website, they will remain identified to make browsing easier without having to identify themselves again.

·           To check whether users are authorized to access certain services or areas of the website.

·           They are used to improve the browsing experience and optimize website operations, such as saving service settings, or storing the purchase made in a shopping cart.

·          Personalization:

These cookies enable users to specify or personalize certain characteristics of the general website options. For example, defining the language, region settings or type of browser.

·          Advertising: These collect information on the adverts displayed to website users. There are two types:

·           Anonymous: These only collect information on the advertising spaces displayed on the website, regardless of the users accessing the website, i.e. without expressly identifying them.

·           Personalized: These collect personal information on website users through a third party to personalize said advertising spaces.

·          Analytical: These collect information on the user’s browsing experience on the website, normally anonymously, although they sometimes allow for the user to be uniquely and unequivocally identified in order to obtain reports on the interests of users in the services offered by the website.


3. Disabling the use of Cookies

If required, users can stop accepting the browser Cookies or stop accepting the Cookies of a specific service.

All modern browsers allow for Cookie settings to be changed. These settings are normally located in "Options" or "Preferences" of the browser menu.

User may at any time disable the use of Cookies on this website as follows:

·         Through the browser settings browser, for example

·           Google Chrome:

·          Internet Explorer:

·          Mozilla Firefox:

·           Apple Safari:


·          Other third-party tools, available on line, which enable users to detect the Cookies on each website they visit and to disable them (por ejemplo, Ghostery:


4. What happens when Cookies are disabled?

Some functions and services may be disabled or behave differently than expected, such as remaining identified, keeping purchases in the “shopping cart” in an e-commerce service, or receiving information aimed at your location, among others.

If the use of Cookies is disabled on this website, you will most likely no longer be able to access certain areas of it, or its browsing experience will be notably worse.

5. Cookies used on this website

A table is shown below with the Cookies used on this website, including a "level of intrusiveness" criterion supported by a scale of 1 to 3, where

·          Nivel 1: corresponds to Strictly necessary cookies to provide the service requested by the user.

·          Nivel 2: corresponds to Performance cookies (anonymous) required for contents maintenance and browsing, of which only their existence must be informed.

·          Nivel 3: corresponds to Cookies managed by third parties that allow for users to be tracked via websites not owned by MARCH R.S. These normally correspond to Advertising or analytical cookies where the user is uniquely and clearly identified..






Cookie utma

Analytical cookie

2 years

This cookie generates a unique user ID and records the data of the first and last time that the user visited the website. It is used to count how often a single user visits the site.

Cookie utmb

Analytical cookie

30 minutes

This cookie records the time of arrival at the site and expires 30 minutes after the last record of site visited. It is automatically deleted when another website is visited or when the browser is closed. If a user remains inactive on a website for more than 30 minutes (goes to eat something, for example) and returns to request a site, this will be considered a new user session (1 single user making 2 visits).

Cookie utmc

Analytical cookie


The current javascript code used by Google Analytics does not require this cookie. Previously, this cookie was used together with the utmb_cookie to determine whether or not a new user session should be established after more than 30 minutes on a given site. This cookie is still written to ensure compatibility with the websites where the former tracking code urchin.js is installed.

Cookie utmz

Analytical cookie


This cookie is used to calculate the traffic from search engines (organic and PPC), advertising campaigns on display and browsing within the website (internal links). The cookie is updated on each visit to the website.

Cookie wordpress_logged_in_[hash)

Strictly necessary cookie


After login, WordPress enables the wordpress_logged_in_[hash] cookie, which indicates when you connected and who you are, and is used for the WordPress interface.

Cookie wordpress_test_cookie

Strictly necessary cookie


This cookie is used so that the WordPress contents manager can check whether the browser has cookies enabled.

Cookie wordpress_[hash]

Strictly necessary cookie


This cookie is enabled during login and saves authentication details. Its use is limited to the administration area /wp-config/

Cookie wp-settings-{time}-[UID]

Strictly necessary cookie

1 año

The UID located at the end of the name of the cookie contains the user ID stored in the WordPress database. It is used to save the appearance of the administration interface and can be used to save the appearance of the main site.

6. Additional guarantees and revoking of acceptance

MARCH R.S. is not responsible for the contents and veracity of the privacy policies of third-party components included in this website.

As an additional guarantee, the registering of Cookies on this website may be subject to Acceptance of Cookies by users during their visit to the website, or when installing or updating the browser used, and this acceptance may be revoked at any time using the contents and privacy settings available, as discussed in Point 3 of this Cookies policys,

or using the link located at the bottom of this page, once they have been accepted or rejected.

7. Update of the Cookies policy

MMARCH R.S. may amend this Cookies policy according to legal or regulatory requirements, or to adapt the policy to the instructions given by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. It therefore advises users to visit it regularly.

Cuando se produzcan cambios significativos en esta Política de cookies, se comunicará a los usuarios bien mediante la web o a través de correo electrónico a los usuarios registrados.


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